Assistant returning "undefined" as response

I have done the setup of all the required paramters for dialogflow. When I try to send a query, it returns “undefined”. Also when I use the StartListening() function, it sends “undefined”

Please Help

Hi @Tanmay_Kulkarni_15, welcome to the Community.

Could you provide more information please? Screenshots of the blocks would be fantastic and if at all possible can you provide the API Endpoint, or at least a copy & paste of the response from a web browser.

I have setup the api parameters properly, then what is the problem?


I’m not sure you quite understand the API blocks here. But don’t worry, check out this amazing guide by @simran on Web API’s. The videos go over lots of Web API blocks and examples.

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So, how to use this in DialogFlow

Hi @Tanmay_Kulkarni_15! :wave:

Have you read through these docs?

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Apologies @Tanmay_Kulkarni_15, I completely overlooked that you were asking about the Assistant component :man_facepalming:

YES, I have

And I have also setup the client email, project id and others with reference to the docs

can you share a project link?