Help_Assistant in Thunkable


I was trying out Assistant in thunkable after reading the thunkable docs.

However, I am not able to get the response from the chatbot, when i submit a text query.
The chatbot is already complete in dialogflow, and I have tested that out well using the url.

The thunkable app link is as below-

I’m totally lost!Any help will be deeply appreciated!

You need to fill up this details - image

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That information is already filled.
Still not able to get it :frowning:

Can anyone please help?
I have no idea why it is returning ‘undefined’ as a value output

fill project id

i have filled in all the values - project id, client email, private key
Still no luck

Infact, i added the assistant code blocks also to When screen loads - filling in all the 3 details - client id, project id and private key
Still it returns ‘undefined’

Anyone please help!

Has Assistant worked for anyone after Oct’19?
If so, can share the link for reference?

@krititripti.16neab we had a testing session on Wednesday (2 days ago!) and it worked

Can you try this app:


That app didnt’t work for me…

If the testing was done that means i’m making a terrible mistake but not able to debug it.
Can you please help?

Attaching the screenshot of code. The value always returns as ‘undefined’ even for a simple ‘hi’ message.