Dialogflow and Thunkable X setup

I’ve had a Dialogflow account for a couple of years now and I haven’t figured out how to use MIT App Inventor to get it to work smoothly. I see now that Thunkable X has the basic extension for Dialogflow. Has anyone used this successfully yet? I’d love to create a “help bot” for my app and websites


In case it is helpful, we have our “Dad” sample app, which uses the Assistant component (i.e. the one supported by Dialogflow).


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Ah! That was a good place to start. I don’t want mp3s… and another question, I see that Albert set up a list of the questions that he’d programmed into Intents. I have a LOT of Intents set up in Dialogflow, as I was using the chatbot on my website to help direct people around.
Now, I’d like to use that same chatbot and have it speak through an app. I push a button, ask her the question and she responds from the list of Intents that I have programmed.

Is this something where I’m going to have to get the returned value from Dialogflow in JSON and break it down from there? I’m hoping I can just set this to “speak value”

PROGRESS! I have it connected with a simple button. I can access my Intents, but the bot repeats each Intent Response two or three times. 2

Any progress on this? Dialogflow still seems to repeat EVERY Intent response back to me. I put a Label on my app so I could see what the incoming response is, and it only shows 1 incoming response, but it’s repeated back to me along with the other Intents I have programmed…even though they don’t appear in the Label :confused:

Lo solucionas con ítem aleatorio del componente listas! Así podrá dar más de una respuesta aleatoria!