Media Player for live streams

Hi all,

i am new to thunkable and was wondering if anyone could help with a dilema.

i am a DJ and do live (audio only) streams and wanted to create an app where my listen can download the app and listen to me DJing live (in real time not pre-recorded).

The problem i am having is i have my own weblink to my live streams but i dont want to use webview, i just want a play/pause button and volume slider control, so when my listen hit the play button it starts playing the live stream audio (real time) and if the play button is pressed again it pauses/stops the live stream audio.

so i watched this tutorial " Make your own music streaming app - YouTube " but have noticed that the player option has been removed from thunkable?

Someone please help/assist and thanks in advance

you have to use webview

Can you check out this project. It demonstrates streaming using webviewer :slight_smile:

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