Media Files (audio and video)

Hey team!

First of all, I am proud to be a tester for this amazing new plataform (custom iOS App).

How about midia? I would like to insert a little sound in my app - for instance when a click a button, but nowadays I can’t find anything regarding sounds. Should I wait for new releases or exist an alternative way to insert audio files right now?

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Hey! First of all, yes, you have to wait. iOS Beta is still taking baby steps, and there is a lots of features coming. Also, you can use WebView? Use a link with your Audio file.

Thank tou for your quick response.
I Will try!

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Yes, you can use a link for now to store your media files but we are hoping to add media files very soon (it’s actually at the top of our list). Stay tuned.

Albert @ thunkable


Hi there. Just to close the loop – we added the ability to add media assets to your app on the latest release:

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Thank you Albert! Let’s move on!

I’m sorry but I’m new here. I would like to know how could the sound or video stored as assets be played. Is the web view able to connect with them simply addressing it to an html internal file which reference the media?

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Hi everyone!

Based on @Tiziano1960 question (and it is a very common doubt when work with media files), I would like to share a way that I have found to share my files (mp3, png, etc…) with third part - I guess that this tip will be useful for both Android and iOS versions.

When you install your app, all the files are saved in a “hide” directory (you see only if you have a root access, I think) and you cannot share them unless you copy those files into a specific folder (common for the majority Android Phone). Fortunately, our collegue (@Taifun) developed an extension that do it in a very simple block (see Remember: “fromFileName”, use “//file.mp3” or “//file.png” and for “toFileName”, use “file:///mnt/extSDcard/file.mp3 or file.png” (warning: some devices has different “common” path - mnt/extSDcard or storage/emulated/0 etc…).

@thunkable team, please fix or add comments if I write something wrong.
I hope that I have collaborated with those who had difficulties on this matter.

Best regards.

sorry, but I need an answer specifical for iOS, as there’s no media player component and it seems the web view cannot be addressed to a packaged asset. So how can we play media files?

Hi there. We will be adding some media components – sorry for the confusion. Albert

how do i use a link?

Hi there. What you mean by using a link?

I created a list with URLs and I used web view to play the video on the screen. It is not perfect but it is working fine. The veb view gets random URLs from my list.

Hi everybody,

To play files in the Web Viewer, you can try the method shown below. - start play, Button6 - stop.


You can make the Web Viewer component invisible so it does not bother displaying the error in it :wink:

if u have aia file of video media player the email me