Maps with no detail on IOS devices

Ive moaned about this before and thought I had a solution but apparently, I was wrong! When I run my app inside the thunkable live app on an IOS device, it works fine and looks like this.

However, if I download the app to my IOS device and run it there, note download and not publish, the map looks like this.

I had been told to put a delay in front of showing the map and I thought that was working but now it doesnt look like it.
Blocks for the map are here. There is nothing fancy going on.

Ideas anyone?

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I’m having the same issue.

Check your Google Cloud Maps API credentials. The IOS and Android SDKs need to be enabled and have access on your key.

But it works ok in the Thunkable live app. Doesnt that need the same accesses?

It doesn’t appear to no. Mine worked fine in live, but wouldn’t work when downloaded until I got the access right.

On the screen priories try setting it to NOT scroll if you have that enabled. Worked for me

Solution. If you are going to set your screen to allow scrolling, set your column, row and other height properties to an actual number of pixels. If you dont, the design elements dont know how high to be!. Simples. :slight_smile:

Worth noting that if your api keys are restricted then you need to specifically add the android and ios sdk’s to each key. Or use an unrestricted key.

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