Making better chat apps with the "Any Component" blocks

@domhnallohanlon You are right!
I have successfully made my first drag and drop Chat app
Click me to get it

Hey guys I’m looking for a solution to my big problem with chat. I wanna get to my app a chat funcion and in there I want in the first screen the user to be able to create or join in some room chat. I don’t have idea how to do it. The tutorials or apps dont show that. Please someone help me.

Create a text input on your login screen.
When you use a reatime db you can give the key as the room name
And your app is done!!!

Can I do it in a specific screen that I created? Because I just have 2 screens chat and the first is to basically it. Thank you for helping

Sure You can customise it however you want

I may did something very wrong

Yes you did it wrong Do you want the link I can share it??

Yes please, could you gimme your WhatsApp, Instagram or whatever to I can show you better what I want?

Sorry @suportecontraocancer I can;t give you my whatsapp or instagram but I can share you the link

Thunkable IS the link you can customise it

Hi , I am having issues, how do u chat with a particular number

@omotayoolupelumi6ify In this chat app I have added a room name you can share the room name with a specific person and then no one other than the people knowing the room name can chat Click me to get it