Chat app where I copy(clone) a row or how can I do it?

Hi I am trying to make a message or chat app if you like with multible lines and 1 or 2 picture.
I have made the column as I like it to be.

My question is then, is it possible to use the new command Clone as picture below. I copy a row allright but it is the same text as in the one I copy. How do I save the new row I just copyed and how do I save the text in the label. Can I use airtable or do I have to use Firebase???

Hey @funhall :wave:

You might need to go through a couple of examples to get what you want. The first one I’d recommend is:

And the second one is:

Hope that helps!

I tryed the one with the cloud message. But when I made the initialize cloud messageText it is VERY slow all the time. How is that and can I do anything???

another thing is also. That after sending the messages and when I close the app all the messages is gone. Can I save the messages to get again next time i open the app?