Lottie animation not working on Preview/LiveTest/Downloaded iOS app

Hi, does anyone else have an issue where their Lottie animations are working within the editor but not on the Preview/LiveTest/Downloaded iOS app? I’ve tried with multiple different lottie animations and can’t figure out why they’re not working

i hope there are not too many files .
can u send project link

How are you selecting the Lottie animations in Thunkable? Uploaded .gif, JSON, …? I couldn’t get JSON to work but I’ve had some success with uploading gifs. They show in the editor once I refresh it and they also show on an iPhone in Thunkable Live.

Just wondering if there was any progress on this. I’m trying to use Lottie animations and though they appear on Preview they don’t work in Thunkable Live or in a downloaded iOS app. They don’t crash the app, they simply don’t appear.

Here’s a very simple app which results in a blank screen on my devices.


It works in Thunkable Live on an iPhone with a fixed size for width & height:


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Thanks so much for figuring this out! Sure enough, if I use absolute size or relative size the animation appears. If I use fit to contents or fill container it doesn’t!

You’re welcome. I also submitted it as a bug:

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