Couldn't think of a title, just me b*tching I guess

Hello, I saw that you guys (I’m talking to the devs of Thunkable, not u users) released the April update, well that’s all well and dandy (I personally like the deep link thingy) but when is the publishing to Google’s play store going to be available?

Also, is this (see below) going to be fixed? (might just be me having this issue)

Lottie isn’t working for me, same goes for images, I have correctly uploaded the Lottie animation to my…app workshop…IDE? (Idk what to call the editor) and I have selected the animation and it shows up in the editor (the animation even plays it self out and loops) but it doesn’t appear on my phone nor does it show in the companion app it just acts if it’s not there, like no big white space it just acts as if I haven’t placed the Lottie animation

To shed more light on this ^ sometimes in the live editor (Android) it crashes when it tries to load the animation, I’ve PM’ed @albert my project link but I don’t think he’s seen it or maybe he forgot

Mind you to me the support for Android publishing is more important than the Lottie crap soo do focus more on that!

I realized on my iPhone that the animation did not work when I set the size to fill content while it did work in the preview window… I am not sure if it worked in Android or also did not :thinking:

Changing that did work thank you!