Looking for Barcode API which can get the details of the products

I am looking for Barcode API which gives the details of the products after barcode scanner returns the numerical value.

Sharing the project link

Your Input/assistance/guide would be appreciated.

Sasi Preetha

A quick google search quickly gave this promising looking result:
Haven’t checked it out or tested at all though, but seems straight forward!

Thank you. I tried that but for some reason I do not get the response getting printed.


Not sure whether its the correct way to retrieve information

What type of products are you hoping to scan? Toys? Groceries? Books?

Appliance like Tv, washingmachine and so on…

Silly question, but… Are you inputting your own APIkey where it’s asking you to (at the end of the url)?
…And the barcode numerical value…?


Could you kindly assist? I’m totally new in exploring this.

Try putting this url in a browser but substitute your own API key:


What result do you get?

I have a tutorial for using APIs with Thunkable. You might find it useful:

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Thank you very much.

I get result as remote control for samsung television. Attached screenshot for your reference.

Thank you for highlighting your tutorial video. Will get back if I get stuck to get data from API response

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Thank you so much Tatiang:)

It worked for me.

Here is the link Thunkable (Thought to share probably it may be helpful for others)

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It’s kind of you to share the project but because your API key is in a text block, it’s visible to anyone. You might want to change that.

Thank you Tatiang:) I have corrected it now.

Would like to know whether we have trusted online API to retreive address and phone number?

I don’t know of any but I also have not looked for that.

No problem Tatiang.

Somehow I managed to find https://www.geoapify.com/geocoding-api and Places API.

It should work for me I guess:)