Looking for a freelancer

Hello everyone!

I am looking for a freelancer as soon as possible to finish my app for university. I am looking for someone who can implement the chat function of the app. Through the feature, two people can write to each other in a private chat room. I am happy to receive feedback!

Many thanks already :sun_with_face:


Hello @cerayaseoik
Thank you for creating this post.
Let’s check if any of our freelancers are interested.
@eoinparkinson @maurizio.polverini89 @jared @muneer

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Hey. Would love to hear more about this and your timeline.

Do you have any designs drawn up.

User experiences?

If this is for university, what’s the end goal?

This is an extremely existential question for any student in uni :joy:


I just mean:

When I was getting my masters, having someone author my all would’ve been no problem. For a student in a cs course maybe having this as an assignment might be an issue.

Thank you very much for mentioning me.

Unfortunately (or fortunately for me ) at the moment i’m working on too many projects and i can’t focus on a new one right now.

I’ll be available in the next few weeks but i guess it’ll be too late.

@cerayaseoik i wish you all the best with your app

Happy Thunking!

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