Login via firebase with authorization

Can I use firebase to login users but have control over approving each user before he has access to the app?
Because my app is only for students, and with the “sign in” anyone can register, right?

I suppose you can add a “tag”, a value in the user’s firebase database, something like “approved”: false or true, as he registers he is false, then you review the profile and change it manually to true so he can access the rest of the app

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Você consegue me demonstrar isso? A tag eu imagino como seja (mesmo não tendo certeza), mas no firebase Eu realmente não sei como mexer por lá 🙆

wrong language my dear, don’t let me use a translator, i’m lazy right now.

If you asked me to show you how, I’m sorry, for the same reason

haha sorry, i forgot to translate!
It was exactly that, but I understand you.
I’ll leave the question here if someone else can help me with this, while I try.

Can anyone demonstrate this to me? A tag I imagine it to be (even though I’m not sure), but on firebase I really don’t know how to move it there

in firebase you have option to enable and disable account. maybe you can create only super admin user and he/she will be register for new user. also create reset password so new user can change the password.

If you want a firebase controlled, actual sign in method, it’s a very complicated matter, i studied a lot to understand how it works, otherwise you can make some ‘fake’ authentication that will not keep user data completely safe but will do what you want it to do

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