Advanced Firebase Login System with live background color

Here I made firebase based login system.Blocks are Turkish

Its support

Name and Nickname need unique for register.Password Hashed Thanks @Taifun for extension.For live background thanks @Sander

You need use your own Firebase database

Here AİA file
Uyelik.aia (155.3 KB)



gracias esta bien, espero me pueda guiar para hacer mi propia comprobación de autenticacion en mi app

Note: When we changed firebase bucket we need wait 500ms for doing Append value with out error

Hey Ali,

Just what I was looking for. But way too advanced for what I’m looking to achieve. Since you seem to be a master of logins using Firebase. Any chance you can take a look at my blocks below, and tell me if I’m doing something wrong?

I am using the above to login. It doesn’t seem to connect to Firebase. Or there is a step missing? I followed a simple YouTube video tutorial, when when I finish the steps, nothing happens. I don’t want random people to register. I have a define set of tags and password or “values” on Firebase and that’s it. Do not want to add any registration.

Is this where I am going wrong? Do I need to have registration?

Also, below is a picture of my Firebase settings as an example.

Can you possibly see anything wrong? Also, then I change the first block from not equal to = blocks work fine. But, when I try to make it check Firebase, nothing happens?

Sorry for troubling you Ali.

Many thanks.

I dont see any problem with your blocks.When u are testing it with live app its not switch to other screen so you cant understand if its succesfully.Add notifier to login succesfull side so u can track it easy