Login Emails come through as SPAM


Your login emails keep coming through as SPAM, I’ve added the email as a contact but because the emails are not sent direct but via some other provider (I assume DMARC isn’t setup or something) they keep showing as spam, every single time.

I know they are safe, but I work in IT, I think this needs to be dealt with as your customers could easily miss these or think they are spam and report them leading to blacklist issues and emails not being delivered in the future.

I sign in via email, not with a Google account, but I manage my emails in Gmail so I always click “report as not spam”, assuming most other people are not doing removing the spam tag, then they will continue to go to spam, so I genuinely think it’s in Thunkable’s best interest to find a fix for this.

Thank you for the great platform, there might be designer or export issues that are more worth developer’s time, but I do think it is still something worth fixing, it could be a relatively ‘easy’ fix as well.