Cannot log in with Office 365 - not receiving email


I am unable to sign up or log in with my Office 365 account. Our school provides Office 365 emails to all students and we are unable to use your platform. I have had to use an alternative gmail account to post this help message.

I am a member of the IT Department here and I have been working on this internally for some time, trying to figure out what is going wrong.

When entering my Office 365 email address and clicking log in, Thunkable has a pop up notifying me that an email with a login link has been sent, but I do not receive it.

I have checked spam and junk. I have whitelisted the domain and on our exchange. I have also checked our phishing and anti-spam rules. Lastly, I checked our quarantine to see if the message was picked up there and it has not.

Is login via email to Office 365 email accounts currently broken? Any advice or guidance appreciated.

@ting can you please take a look?

Hi @koconnell,

Can you send an email to from your Office 365 account?


Hi @tingc,

I have just sent an email.

Thank you.