Lock a free application

i searched something about,but i need to learn how to “lock” the app i’ll create.
i’m agree to set my app free and help someone else through its use, but i need something to reserve the use of this app to a small group maybe using an initial password.

for example:
in my city there are many associations that could use my app.
To avoid the issues between different Associations, i need to create a system that doesn’t mix files/dates of each one. how can do it in the inizializing app?
I would like to create a login with restricted area to ensure privacy between the various groups that they might use … so that anyone who uses it can only see the data they are authorized to see


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If you are concerned about data then you can use the local storage and every user will be saving the data in the device.

You can also use login screen (many samples available in the community) and save the data in the cloud segregated by the login account.

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