Local Live Video Feed

Hi All,

I’ve been trying to set up a live video feed on my local network and I could do with some pointers/advice.

I’m using OBS in two ways, with variy degrees of sucess.

First, as a recording to a shared local disk, then trying to pull that file in as a video.
It records in a .ts format, but that may be down to my own choices in the advanced OBS settings.

Once the stream/recording starts it creates a new file at regular intervals.
It also creates a m3u8 file which is a playlist telling the device to use play the next video, so when you watch it looks continuous.

I think the m3u8 method is the best one so far.

The second OBS method it to output to a URL, using UDP, which you can open in VLC (only worked on iPad for me). Not sure it will work locally without a JS plugin.

So back to the first method, I can push the video to the shared location, great.
Now I need to play that video, btw I am soley mac based and so will all the users.

So I tried smb://ipaddress/ext_hdd/stream/file.ts in a web viewer and video.
No luck. I think I need to have some kind of server sharing the video, so I will be doing that next.

Btw, it has to be all offline, thus the difficulties.

Any advice is welcome.