Live video wallpaper

I have searched for days trying to find the answer to this and can’t so I am asking here. I want to create my own app similar to those already on google play that allows me to select a video from my device and set as live wallpaper on my phone. Does anyone know if this is possible in thunkable? I had no issue building one that sets images as wallpapers but can’t figure out how to set a video clip or even a gif as a live wallpaper.

With a read time of 1 minute how did you search for days?

Lol because you don’t need to be logged in to search the community. Only to post… So my search time isn’t logged but thanks for your helpful reply.

I think Thunkable X may be the wrong platform for this? Apple’s live wall papers work when you take a live photo. That’s my understanding anyways. Or of course you can use an app to download a live image. I’m not sure how it works on Android, despite being an android user as of this post.

Have you researched how apple’s live images work? I’ve seen the option to set a video as my background on Android so I assume common video formats work on Android. Apple may be proprietary as per.

how to set a image as a android device wallpaper using thunkable x?