Live sync with source - Google sheets

My Data source is a Google sheet. When my application ALREADY runs and a cell value changes in the sheet, even though I call a Block with “Get value from…”, I get the “old” value, not the updated one.
It is as if the application caches the data from the sheet and I have to relaunch the application to get the updated value.
Is there a way to get a live sync from Google sheet to the app?


This is a bug that has already been reported and the development team are working on a fix.

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Thank you

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I’m having the same bug-- Thunkable is using a cached version of Google sheet data, so not giving me the updated data after sheet is modified.

– app changes data in sheet
– then call get to get that data from the sheet (when re-open a screen)
– it shows “old” data, even though sheet is changed.
– If I close and reopen, updated data then appears

@muneer, thanks for pointing this out, can you refer me to link in github-- I couldn’t find it

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Check this post.

thanks for the link. Its still broken unfortunately.


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Still not working right? The data not Sync until restart the app!! Anyone know how to fix it? Thanks.