Listviewer not holding position

It seems there is a problem with the Listviewer component not maintaining its designer position when viewed in the web preview, live test or on as a download on an android device. Anyone have any info?


Is no one else experiencing this issue or am I just unaware of a known bug?

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You are talking about the new UI which has just been updated so it could be glitch that they can fix when they are on duty again as such thing has happened in the past with the new UI.

I completely understand. Are you privy to their “on duty” schedule? Is this a full-time business venture or more of a as-time-permits operation? That info would help me decide how much of my own time/money to invest in the platform. I like Thunkable but the new UI is loaded with bugs and missing documentation.

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The new UI is still in Beta and therefore I believe you should get the comment from Thunkable directly.

Thank you. What can I do to get their attention? Is there a direct contact method?