ListViewer item's text alignment

Ive searched all around in ListViewer’s properties, simple or advanced, messing many times my project trying to get a solution to get my ListViewer`s items RIGHT aligned (maybe with some padding space). Theres numeric values there and will look better that way.
I know that ListDataViewer is much more flexible with customs, but id like to keep it as ListViewer, and maybe theres a simple properties i didnt discovered… yet :slight_smile:
Thank you for your time.

It’s not possible to do this with a List Viewer. But you can use a Data Viewer List and make a custom layout that has any type of text alignment that you want.

id thought so… but s i mentioned, id rather keep it simple, with a ListViewer… For DataViewerList i need another source to link to… better bad alignment than one more data source, in this particular case :slight_smile:
Thank you.

I’m having the same issue. I’m using firebase and from what I can tell you can’t add that do a regular list viewer, it never made sense to me why the data viewer list is so much more customizable except it’s limited to the data sources.

Any help with alignment would be appreciated

Thanks again

If you flip text to rtl, that seems to get it right aligned - at least in web view. But it also moves the > indicators.


Just a word of notice, there is a bug about text direction making the app behave differently on iOS than on Android.


Changing ListView`s Advanced Property - Positioning - Direction to “rtl” has no effect in terms of right alignment for me, on Android 10. Ty for trying to help :blush:

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Yeah, sorry - knew it was platform dependent but figured it was worth a shot.


This is from the web test


And this is from the phone


:sweat_smile: would be great if on phone will show as in web test


Yeah… we get advanced properties working on phone but not on the web all the time (like image rotation) but this is the first time I’m seeing it the other way around!