How to center text?

Hey !

I have these lists

which shows this :

And I would like to find a way to center the elements of both three lists.
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In the Advanced tab, do you have a menu called “text style”?

In that menu, if you scroll down, you should see a drop down menu labelled “text align.” One of the options is “center.” Not sure if it will work for this, but it works for me in other situations… :sweat_smile:

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Sadly this option isn’t available on listviewer, that’s why I’m asking :slight_smile:

Thanks for helping anyway !

Right! Listviewer. You said that. For some reason, I was thinking of a text entry field. Sorry about that.

I haven’t used the list viewer, but my understanding is that it retrieves data from spreadsheets, right? If you change the text formatting in the spreadsheet, does it change the alignment in Thunkable?

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I use it with firebase, and I cannot change it’s form unless I add spaces, which is not very relevant as soon as I change phone :confused: So bad because your idea was good :slight_smile:

Anyone can help on this one ?

Thanks ! :slight_smile:

Hey @Mark, haven’t found a solution, I think it’s time I call for your help :slight_smile: !

No hint anyone ?


I think this is not yet possible. For List Viewer, we cannot specify a monospace font. We also cannot find out the length of the text in order to use spaces for alignment.

Is this solution suitable for you: you need to change the data format and the order of the fields so that they are stored in Firebase evenly, for example:


For clarity, I indicated _ instead of spaces. That is, the fields U1 and U2 have a certain width (in this example, a width of 5 characters is chosen).


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I don’t think this is possible for me as the spaces would change in fonction of the phone size, etc. Looking forward for the team to add this !

The size of the spaces for different phones does not matter because for one phone their size will be the same. My method is not suitable for centering. My way is to align with the left edge. You can also try using the tab character.

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