List View popup

Hi I was wondering if I can get my list to appear in a separate popup window rather than the standard view, as shown in the picture.
If anyone knows how to do it please let me know thanks



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Make the popup window yourself.

Use column (if you use StP) or use group (if you use DnD) and place your list viewer in the column or group. Make it hidden and when you want it show it.

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thanks muneer that’s what I do, but it’s probably a matter of playing with the advanced controls to get the same result as the first screen, with shading outside and in the middle of the screen.
I did some tests but I can’t figure out how to set them up.
could you help me?
I enclose the project

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If you want the column that contains the list viewer to stay in the same position then in the Advanced properties select Positioning and select Absolute for Position option.

Let me know or draw what you want to happen and may be I can change in the project to show how it happens.

See my attempt

By changing only that parameter you tell me the result is this

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You will need to adjust the position of the column. I changed it to percentage instead of “fill content”.

I also changed the ZIndex in the Advanced properties, Positioning to a higher number. Not very important but to make sure it will be on top.

oK, thanks, I’ll do some tests and let you know, in any case the result I would like to obtain is similar to the first screenshot sent.
I have over 40 choice labels and therefore the top positioning is not the best, the listview should appear in the center for each single choice, without moving the screen below
Initially I had inserted a listview for each label of choice, but as a choice it was quite heavy

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You can position it anywhere in the screen. To show it on top of other lists it has to be absolute in position. But you can play with the offset setting in the Advanced properties to move the column around in the screen.

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Nice thread on these types of things over here too!