Foreground / background for objects (listview, buttons etc)


I have a “Lw” listview on the screen and I created the time to choose a number one drop down list (with a button and a listview) which determines the content of this “Lw” listview
unless you make it invisible the drop down list is not displayed above
I want to make the scrolling of the “Lw” list view impossible as long as the drop down list is displayed
if we had horizontal listview …

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Can you post a screenshot or sketch of what you mean?

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Will be difficult to visualize the issue you are describing without sharing the code or the project link.

It’s a question of design i think so

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Are you looking for something like this?

this is what i get

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Without proper explanation and copy of the code / settings or project link it is impossible to know what you want.

When you say

Do you mean, it worked?
Or you mean it partially worked but not quite what I was expecting?
Or you mean nothing is working?

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Please pay attention to my creation difficulties

in a few words I would like to continue to see the listview containing the letters but by deactivating it when I activate the listview containing the numbers

the first solution was to deactivate it by making it disappear but it is not very design

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Okay, so you want either the listview of letters OR the listview of numbers to appear?

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what i would like ?
when i activate the drop down list containing numbers i would like the drop down list appears above the list of letters

i try the solution given by muneer but my listview is not in a column


which listview must be in a group ? the popup listview ?

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The List Viewer that you want to appear and disappear needs to be in a column (if you are using StP UI) because the List Viewer does not have X and Y coordinates.

If you are using DnD UI then you can place the List Viewer any where you like without the Group component.

Hope this is clear.

i thought it was clearer but the listview contained in the pop up group is not displayed above

why are coordinates important for placing one object on top of another?

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Try this and let me know is this what you are trying to do as I’m not clear of what you are describing and there seems to be a problem of you sharing a link to a minimal project produces your issue.

If this is not what you are trying to do then create a new project with a single screen and produce what you tried and explain what it is not doing.

i tried but i failed

what I’m looking to do looks like what you offered me except that I use a button
I put the listview that I want to see in a group and yet it does not work

I would like to understand what I am doing wrong to reproduce it in another application

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I changed the order of components in your example project.

Please test and let me know.

I did not understand when you say that you have changed the order of components

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First tell me if this worked for you or not.

If it didn’t work then no use to explain more. But if this works I can explain.

yes, it works

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Your project has the list viewer and the group in this order

I changed them to this order

The component in the top of the list is shown over the component in the bottom of the list.

If this is clear please mark this post solved so others with similar issue benefit from it.