List variable's 'Does List x Contain" Case Sensitivity Behaviour is Undesirable

Greetings Thunkers!

In trying to make sure no duplicate entries ended up in a list I discovered that the “Does List x Contain” method block is case-sensitive. (illustrated in screenshot)

As a workaround, setting both the input value to be tested as well as all saved values to Title Case is a reasonable way to achieve the desired results for this particular case, but it would likely be annoying for anyone who may be storing case-insensitive (displayable) data in a List while trying to avoid duplicates.

Meanwhile I suggest a new feature on the “Does List x Contain” method block to allow the choice of case-sensitive or case-insensitive matching.

I hope this helps someone!

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Hey @itmanager - you can use the to UPPERCASE block to transform the input text to any of the following:

Screenshot 2020-07-16 at 15.30.17

Hope that helps!

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