[Solved] "Does List Contains" does not work

Does List Contains does not work. I am a first time user in 9th grade.
I always get failure. I have tried a lot of options, but nothing has worked. Please help

Don’t use the [gear] list block. It creates a list. So when you have [gear] list [list of items] you’re creating a list of a list and it won’t work with the does contain block.

You don’t need to tell Thunkable that the [list of items] block is a list… it already is.

Hi Tatiang,

Thank you very much for the solution, it worked. Apologies for getting back late. I do not have access to computers on a daily basis. Once in a while I get access hence the delay. Very sorry. This is my mom’s computer and account. My name is Chinmai M Shetty, I am in 9th grade.

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