Search Item from list not working?

Let me explain a bit of my block… (Tic tac toe game)
*Make the variable with list item

*Replacing item in list with X and O

*Tried to check if there is X or O in list then compare with < and >

I think the logic here is correct, and I do searched some guide from other people post, but it does not seems to work… can anyone help me?
I want to check if there is X and O in BoardCoor list and then compare X and O. Please help…

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There are a lot of missing info in your post which makes it very difficult to see it this really works.

You are using component green block but you are not showing where you get it from.

In the last image you are using does list .... contain and you are placing another list component inside it which will prevent it from working.

See image below for Muneer’s second sugestion. That should solve the problem.
list not working solution

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