Store each character from a text in a list, then filtering through the list

I am trying to store each character of a text input in a list, and then filter through the list to check if it has an uppercase, or a lowercase. I tried using the contain block from text section but I didn’t find it useful. Can anybody please help me with this?

It’s possible to change the case of a text string: Text - Thunkable Docs. Is that what you’re wanting to do or do you actually need to search the string for upper and lower case characters?

I thought I had a working method for you but for some strange reason, Thunkable is returning 0 for the length of the text variable.

Edit: I think it’s just a single project corruption. I created a new project and it worked fine and returned the correct value for the length of a text variable.

I am trying to create a sign in page, where the password is accepted only when it contains both uppercase and lower case as well as symbols.

If you had said that, there’s a simpler method. But the blocks above should work.

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