Add an option to make "Does List x Contain" case insensitive


I saw this post from 2019 suggesting that an option should be added to the 'Does List x Contain" to allow it to be toggled from Case Sensitive to Case Insensitive.

A response to the post was that the input text could be set to be transformed to either UPPER CASE, lower case or Title Case.

There are 2 problems with this response -

  1. If there is camelCase text in the list, there is no option for it to be searched.

  2. Even if there was camelCase option, the search is restricted only 1 of these methods at a time, so if there is a mix of cases in the list that is being searched, something will get missed.

The way around this would be to do 4 searches (1 for each scenario) which is inefficient.

Can the programmers please look at adding a Case Sensitive/Insensitive option the block please?



Thanks for the feedback on this! We’ll certainly take it into consideration!

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