List of UI sites to bookmark

hi all
its time to get started with some ui experties tips
yea so i am here with some sites u shall




why u shall use canva?

u can use canva to make icons, illustrations and of course lot many things
even there are apps made using canva
I have created a topic in the community too

now comes icons8

it is also a great site
so as we know there are no materials icons in thunkable to use u can use icons8

for some time i left this site as there weren’t any better icons but a few days ago i saw it was to0 much advanced
even in my wps it helped a lot
also now u can make illustrations now

3. iconfinder

oh ok so u want an icon for your app
no worries use iconfinder
It’s a site from where u can take icons for ur app…
best thing is that it is free


4. flaticon

flaticon is a site with many images
also most of them dont cost

so for now I end here also I make this topic wiki so that u all can
mark the sites that helps the community to help with UI

5. generate app icons

u can generate adaptive app icons from here

6. iconstore
Awesome icons and a lot of
very good designers community

7.iconsscout by lottiefiles the noun project
another new site

Thank you

I hope you liked this guide.

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Thank you

I hope you liked this guide.

If this guide helped you, please like this guide


Thanks so much for sharing


yea helped a lot
thanks a lot

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I use icons8 also

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Yes, even I thought the same. Take a look at the description of both the profiles…


I think so… eko.devs.aka.apploro has the last word the same as the first word in apploro.codert

He changed his name

i just did a wiki
just check I hope it is important