Can anyone help me make an app icon logo

I had so many attempts but they all come out looking so bad can anyone help me make a good app icon :joy:

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Do you search like this?

Hi there,
What is your app about?
Otherwise,how can I do it for you.

Hi there,

There are lots of online services that help you create beautiful apps logos! is an example.

I’m moving this question to the #creator-lounge, where you can find more tips on app design.

Hope this helps!


Please feel free to share some of these attempts, perhaps you’re being overly hard on yourself? There are lots of really helpful people in this community who will be able to give some constructive feedback.

Also, just wanted to link to this service too, which I found very easy to use:


Thank you that’s very nice of you :slight_smile:

Here is my current logo :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: compared to Apple icon which is more simple and much amazing than mine horrible icon

That would be amazing it’s basically about fashion and pictures so anything with camera or something would be very nice thank you :))

This website is great I’ll definitely use it but my problem is not finding the website or tools to create app icon but ideas on how to make my app icon