How to create simple but stand-out app icons and screenshots



Hi all! It’s Ayush again, here to hopefully share some useful app marketing knowledge in my second Creator Lounge post (see my first CL post here: Getting your Thunkable X app accepted into the Apple App Store).

Today, I’d like to share with you all the methods and sites that I use to make my app icons and screenshots - I’ve found this info through personal research, and I’ll be using my own examples throughout. What I think is key here is a clean, classy but eye-catching design. That means something that entices users, but is easy to understand and really showcases your app. I won’t go into what to write about your app on the promotional screenshots, but I will say that you should try to sound professional and cast your app in a light that you think users will be encouraged to download by.

You can also see Material app design resources and How to Design Creative App Icon and Screenshots for more tips on this kind of stuff!

App icons
For me, app icons need to be simple and consistent. If you’re using Thunkable X, your app icon looks most professional if it is the same for both the Android and iOS versions of your app. Additionally, since app icons are so small on phone screens, you should try and not make them detailed or use pictures with a lot going on – they should be simple, and just represent your app.

Here’s an example – the icon that I made for my app Veggie Alternatives.

As you can see, it is a simple ‘V’ to represent the app and has only 2 colours – green and white. Since green is a colour associated with vegetarians and vegans, I chose it for my icon. It’s simple, clean, and represents my app.

I used to make my icon.

App screenshots
App screenshots should look professional, and they should really showcase your app. That means you should screenshot the best features/pages in your app to display in these promotional screenshots – this is the main thing your potential users will see on Google Play/the Apple App Store.

Here are a few example screenshots again for my app Veggie Alternatives.

I use different phone angles, but the same font style and size, and phone size, throughout the screenshots to maintain consistency. This is key.

For Android screenshots, I use For Apple screenshots, I use for iPhone screenshots and for iPad screenshots (you can also make iPhone screenshots here).

To finish
That’s all for my second post folks – if you’re reading this, I hope you’ve found it useful, and if you have any specific queries, feel free to send me a message!

Thanks all,
Ayush Sanghavi
You can download my debut app, Veggie Alternatives, on the App Store today!


Well done. Thank you for the contribution of information. I have learned from it and thank you for it.