Some useful Websites and Softwares to help you in Developing your App

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I found and tested some very useful websites and I am very happy with the results.
Today, I would love to share them with you :smiley_cat:

Let’s get started.

1. ( is a very helpful website, it could help you when you are presenting a sample of your app to someone, testing the labels, etc. It helps us get some place-holder text, as per our requirement.

2. ThisPersonDoesNotExist (

As like above, this site can help you get place-holder images, which you can use while making a extended list, (which contain an image too), and in normal image component for sample purposes.

3. Cloudinary (

Many of us know this name, and have used this. This can help in designing too, when you are testing images for your app. Instead of uploading it to Thunkable Assets area (which wold increase app’s size), you can upload it to Cloudinary, and get the direct link to asset (which you can paste in URL area of image/other supported component)


4. FontMeme Text Generator (

This is an amazing website, which can help you get a custom font, through images.
More clearly, you have to pick a font from selected font style, enter your text, and it will give you an image of your text.
You could upload the image to Thunkable, pretending that you have a custom font label, in the form of an image.

5. Bitly Chrome Extension (

Many of us might know, but a few know it has a chrome extension.
You may now think, how will it help me? When you build an iOS app, you receive an email with a button. Clicking the button, opens a long… long… link, which is hard to type (to send)…
After installing the bitly extension, (when the link page opens), as soon as you click the image icon, you get the short link of the long… iOS app link.

Hope my findings help you :smile:
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For cliparts to use free:


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I’m using and to help me with the APIS :smiley:


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i use many sites for making apps and games.
around 6-10
shall i all meant them
ill get tired of typing
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