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Can somebody advise as to the pros and cons of having an app licensed when publishing to the google play store?

Can you also confirm whether or not apps made and published to the play store via thunkable are eligible to be licensed on the play store?

Is it correct that the APK of apps built on Thunkable can be extracted allowing for people to see the build manifest and essentially copy the app? Is this not just the same as open source coding? Or if you open source code do you still encrypt or protect the APK so people don’t just take the app basically?

Have you ever edited an “apk” file, just to see what is in there?

Good luck trying to decipher what is going on in there…

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it requires high knowledge for decoding apk, not anyone sort of developers can’t do that. if this is threat to you, then think about android studio, maybe it will less the treat to you, but how can u be so sure?, unless your project is very important or worth billions of dollars. You can build here in thunkbale, if you gain too much traffic and attention, then hire security programmers something whaever they called it.

What do you mean by “licensed” in this context @hansonapp6vpz?

The .apk file you get from Thunkable will be no different from the .apk file you get from any other Android development software or IDE.

Once you download your apk from Thunkable X you can distribute it through any app store that you choose.

Is there a way to encrypt the source code or AIA/APK files of apps built in Thunkable to prevent people from just downloading them for free or to prevent somebody taking the source code?

The AIA file is the source code. You protect it by not giving it away.

The APK is the installation file. It is compiled code, and if someone is smart enough to decode it, that person is smart enough to make apps that make yours look like garbage in comparison.


In addition to the answer @CBVG, I add that to copy an app, its source code is not always required. It is enough for a professional team to see the idea of an app in order to make it better.

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Just after some advice as to what the situation regarding protection of an app built and published to the respective app stores are via thunkable?

i.e.- If I were to build an app in Thunkable and publish to the app store and play store, would it be considered a fully fledged app witht the neccasary licensing etc, I had seen a post whereby somebody’s paid app had been able to be picked up for free due to something regarding API/APK?

Also how would one go about protecting an app built in Thunkable - could I still get a patent, copyright, Trademark in the same way I would with a normal coded app?

Many thanks in advance for any help anyone can provide.

Can you link to this post?

These are 3 completely separate areas of intellectual property (IP) law. Additionally, laws vary from country to country so what’s common practice in the US, for example may not be the case in the EU and vice versa. Some jurisdictions are also more lenient when it comes to enforcing IP laws than others. In all instances your should consult your lawyer for legal advice.

To give you a brief explanation of some of the distinctions:

Patents are for new, novel and non-obvious inventions that have commercial or industrial use.

Copyright protects certain rights around distribution and creation of derivative works. One major example from the world of software would be whether a project should be open-source or closed-source project.

Trademarks are used to protect things like brand names and logos, more the identity of the company/product rather that protecting the product itself.

Have you published any apps already? Can you tell us a little more about to software development/business background @hansonapp6vpz?