Latest Thunkable Releases including an Image DB by Cloudinary so that You Can Build Your Better Instagram (Nov 4)

Hey Thunkers!

This week, some of you may have noticed a couple of updates on the Thunkable platform including:

*Bug fixes for Firebase

*Our first Image DB by our friends at Cloudinary.

Why might you want to use this component?

In 2017, it is projected that 1.3 trillion photos will be taken, 80% from mobile phones. With limited phone storage space, that means the vast majority of photos need to be stored in the cloud. For any apps that you want to invent that takes advantage of a phone’s ability to capture, edit, share photos (e.g. Instagram, Snapchat) that used to be in the realm of very expensive cameras, storage of photos is a must and this component makes storing photos in the cloud with a cool service called Cloudinary and returning a url very, very easy. We were surprised at how easy it was.

New documentation is here.

Here’s a sample app of a private version of Instagram (called Thunkable-gram) that incorporates Cloudinary, our Firebase DB, and Microsft’s Image recognizer to auto-caption someone’s photo post.

Thunkablegram.aia (51.5 KB)

Happy inventing!
Thunkable Team


Everytime I select a photo, the app crashes… in both modes - Live testing and Installed apk

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It’s working fine for me.
Make sure all of your blocks and settings are correct.

See the documentation for more information:

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I downloaded the .aia file as it is and tried on my phone but the app crashes everytime.

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When you import the app into Thunkable, make sure you select this option:
and then build the APK file.

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Yes I did the same…

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where will I get its complete tutorial .
like how to store with tag(in cloudinary itself if possible) or how to change deafult folder inside cloudinary.