🎉 Latest Thunkable ✕ Release; Save Screens is here! 2020-02-27

Here’s a pretty typical scenario for many Thunkers;

  • Create an app,
  • Make some really nice screens and functions that you’re really proud of,
  • Create a new app,
  • Have you do it all over again because you can’t copy/paste screens in Thunkable

Not Anymore!

For example, let’s say you’ve created a particularly nice sign in screen:

Now you have the option to “Save Screen to My Screens” in the properties on the right hand side:

All you need to do is give you screen a memorable, useful name and click “Save”

New App

Next, open a different Thunkable project and click the + button to add a new screen. You will see this new “Select a Screen” dialog.

To reuse one of your saved screens just choose the “Copy from My Screens” option, as seen below.

Choose the screen you want to duplicate - in this case it’s the Sign_In_Screen - and the entire screen will be replicated in your new project!


Will my blocks be saved with the screen too?



We really hope you have fun using this new feature. Please let us know how this affects your app building workflow and how you plan on using this in future projects.


Thank you!!!

The community asked and you haVe delivered! This is great. Thank you @domhnallohanlon



I didn’t know, this feature was for copying screens :sweat_smile:
I noticed this some 2 days ago, also asked on Beta PMs…

Thanks @ Thunkable Team! :blush:


Glad you like it @kartik14 and @jared - looking forward to hearing the clever ways you both come up with for using this!



A supernice funtion. It is not a backpack, but super-giga-peta-zeta useful at design-time and block-time.

Thanks. Now thunkable is more professional and I am closer to PRO SUBS.


Hi, @domhnallohanlon! :wave:

I noticed a bug, which can be reproduced with the following steps -

  • Create a simple project, and make just one screen, which should consist of some visible elements, as well as some invisible elements. Such as,

  • Add that screen to MyScreens. After adding, add that screen in the same app as a new screen from MyScreens.

  • You would notice, the invisible components double themselves, and the visible/invisible components’ name, does not change.

Check this Project, I created and did the same steps as above, and the bug occured -

Also this video, featuring the above project -

Thanks! :blush:

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I don’t find this issue, but try scale your browser window to see if it changes anything.


Ah can you explain more on this?

On Chrome and most browsers, use Ctrl + or - to scale accordingly.

That’s very awesome !!
Thanks a lot for your hard work !


This is a game changer! Thank you!


Thanks for the feedback @artificialdama4u, @davidsobhysabetb and @debbie_w - delighted to hear that you’re enjoying it.

Please let us know if you have any tips or tricks to share with us as you use this new feature!

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I have encountered a bug with the otherwise wonderful tool. For some screens, the invisible components get changed as in the attached. Notice that all Web Api’s have been renamed Web_Api1 and all alerts have been renamed Alert1.

Also, while the Design view looks exactly the same as it did in the parent, the blocks completely disappear.

BTW, Thanks for all Thunkable team is doing, it is a wonderful platform which gets better every month!


Hi, @KaneoheKid! :wave:

I too mentioned this - :+1:

Thanks! :blush:

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Ya I just tried the “save screen” thing and opened a copied screen within the same app and it messed up all of my invisible components bad. Duplicated all of them and renamed them. Sadly it messed up across the whole app. Now I have to go back and redo ALL of my alert messages.

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+1 @samclever


just amazing design

Hasn’t this been around for a while now? I’ve been saving screens for months!

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This topic was announcing that feature and was posted back in February…

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@ThunkIt - have you created any saved screens yet?

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