Latest Thunkable Release including a Gold Phone? (Oct 11)

Hey Thunkers,

We hope you are having a good week so far. To celebrate the beginning of fall (at least here in San Francisco), we released a few features that we hope you like:

  • Ability to copy a file from one location to another with the File component

  • Ability to remove the default zoom control buttons on the Web Viewer (Uncheck the property “Zoom to Display”)

  • Option to change the color of the Title Bar (Pick any of your favorite Material Design colors); you can also choose to hide the Title Bar and the Status Bar in case you want your content to be full screen)

  • UI/UX improvements including a new gold phone in the Designer View

To do live testing, please make sure to upgrade to the latest version of the Thunkable app from the Google Play store.

Happy Thunking!

Question for the community: Do you like the gold phone? (1 to 5 with 5 being the highest)

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Just saw this and I’m loving the ability to change the title colour.

Really appreciate your hard work Thunkable team.


Hello Sir Albert. I just saw the new gold theme. you guys are just too good. Am always Excited about Thunkable. Keep up the good Works.:blush:

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Cool Update!

When will be the next one? xD

working as hard as we can for the next update:)


On the Navigation bar, is there any chance of adding a back navigation arrow, its a bit of a waste of space if its just the title bar, possibly also settings & help icons on the right.

On Web Viewer, any chance of adding that it open to display the full page, it always shows it zoomed in the the top left corner.



@Kim_Heaver We’ll look into these suggestions!

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