Latest Thunkable Release incl Google Spreadsheets (Dec 6)

Hey Thunkers!

Have you ever wanted to use Google spreadsheets as a source or a back-end for you app? Thanks to a new component powered by Cloudstitch, you can.

Click here to view a sample Spreadsheets app project!

With Cloudstitch, anyone can use a Google spreadsheet (or a Microsoft 360 spreadsheet) to store data, powering interesting features like dynamically changing listpickers to easy to understand mapping databases. (Cloudstitch requires you to manually sync your spreadsheet to your app unless you upgrade services).

More details on how you might implement it in the documentation here.

Can’t wait to see what you thunk!
Albert @ Thunkable


Hi Thunkers,

Ted from Cloudstitch here. Just wanted to say hello and thanks to the Thunkable team for adding this support! We love what you all are doing and are excited to help you build some awesome apps powered by spreadsheets.

Don’t hesitate to ping us for support on this message board or by email at

The Cloudstitch Team


Useful Feature… Thanks

Looking forward to trying out this feature. I also really like that clicking the link clones the project and opens it directly in my Thunkable. Excellent UX, thanks @albert :slight_smile:


Can we get sorted list from spreadsheets?

For leaderboard like top 250 player.I can sort it in client but can i get it from cloudstitch?


Hi @Ali_Aydin,

You can! We try to leverage the spreadsheet whenever possible, so the way to do it is with a spreadsheet trick. I’ve shared a spreadsheet here with an example.

Assume you’ve got the raw data in a worksheet called RawData. Just create a second worksheet called Sorted that will always project a sorted version of the raw data.

  • In cell A1 of that new sheet, use the formula =ArrayFormula(RawData!A1:Z1) to copy the header row.
  • In cell A2 of that new sheet, use the formula =SORT(RawData!A2:Z, 1, true) to copy (and sort) everything else.

You could use a similar trick to create a third worksheet that only grabs the top 250 of your leader board by placing the formula =ArrayFormula(Sorted!A1:Z251) in cell A1. With this approach you’d have three worksheets: the raw data, the sorted data, and the top leaders.

Remember you’ll have to sync your spreadsheet in Cloudstitch to publish it to the API (or set it to auto-sync). And note that some of the references in the arguments above depend on the particulars of your spreadsheet.

Then just use the sorted data inside Thunkable. You can grab the data from only one worksheet by appending /WorksheetName to the URL see for the API Endpoint in the Thunkable editor


Oh thats Good.

I will try it with firebase and coded it but this Method is easy than my Method and got better ui for control.

İ will try it. Maybe i switch to this Method but first i need learn more about it.Like how to use and limits :slight_smile:

Thanks team Thunkable for adding this great feature.


I want your help about this trick i add successfully the formulas and my result is :
Ren 23
Stimpy 34
Larry 87
Curly 56
Moe 76

when i add one more to the Sheet1 for exaple Moe 10 that adds a second Moe row to Sheet2
how can the second to added to correct row?

Hi @albert is it possible to edit existing data on spreadsheet?
for example if you want to update your phone number is it possible?


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Unfortunately, I think you can simply add and query a spreadsheet at the moment – updating and deleting data is not possible as far as I know;


when we update data then user receive notification ? if not then howz i send notification when i update data .@albert

yet time not possibl

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thx bro


  1. where i can found information about Microsoft 360 spreadsheet ? I just can work with Google drive.

  2. working with Google; i just can upload data to Sheet1; i tryed changing name Sheet in Thunkable Project, but not work, continue uploading data to Sheet1.

Thx U in advanced.

Hi ! Can you please help me with this issue I have Posted On Community?


Is it safe to use Google spreadsheet as a database to store information like email and user passwords, or would it be better to use Firebase?

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Bad Support for Spreadsheet, few information, Cloudstich support does not respond.

we will wait for some trace of life…

@ted_copy @albert @domhnallohanlon

Please, All conection of thunkable with spreadsheet cloudstich is Down !!!

Today 07/06/2018 09:45AM

its working for me in India