Latest Thunkable iOS / ✕ Beta Release (Mar 20) - Custom Package Names, Checkpointing, Share Tracking, More Blocks + Bug Fixes

Hey Thunkers,

We are excited to announce a number of new features to the Thunkable iOS / ✕ Beta release today:

Our favorite new features!
You can now customize your app package name for Android and add your own icon

You can also make a copy of your project in one click aka Checkpointing

For the first time ever, you can track your shares!

Component updates

  • Properties now set / changeable in blocks including all Text / Background Color properties for visible components and Language properties for Translator, Text to Speech and Assistant
  • Transparent color now available as a color property across all visible components
  • Easy select and upload via Picture property for Image component

Bug fixes

  • Function blocks now work again
  • Blocks strings now accepted as numbers
  • Changing dropdown component in blocks or duplicating blocks now keeps the same property

Happy Thunking!

Full release notes here


Dear Thunkable Team.
Can you add video rewarded ad component in this beta version.

I’m not sure I understand this new feature. Wasn’t it already possible to upload an image to an Image component?

Before, you could upload an image in the assets section and then type in the name of the image in the image component. Now, we put a dropdown menu in the image component that will let you select or upload the image you want right there (similar to what we have on