Latest iOS Release (Dec 13) - Share your project by link! + Sample apps

Hey Thunkers,

We are really excited to announce our latest update to the iOS platform which includes for the first time the ability to share your iOS projects by link.

How sharing works
Anyone who clicks your link will get a copy of your app project in their account so be careful if there is any sensitive information or assets e.g. API keys contained in your project that you don’t want others to have access to.

Users who click the link will need to be logged in first to receive a copy of your app project. If you make changes to your app project, you will have to generate a new link if you want users to receive your latest version.

Our first iOS sample apps (Click to copy into your account but make sure to be logged in first)

We are looking forward to seeing what you share!

Albert on behalf of the team at Thunkable

Full release notes here