Landscape in Android

I am keen to use Thunkable to create a quiz app which users can cast to a Chromecast TV for viewing by a group of people - specifically for an activities coordinator to cast to a TV for a group of residents in a care home.

I would need the app to run in landscape mode to match the orientation of a TV screen, but when I tried to select the landscape option, it says iOS only.


I don’t have an iPhone, and would like the app to run in Android. Is it possible to run landscape on an Android phone?

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Hi @michaeljones161,
unfortunately not. No way for android actually. We all are waiting for it… :slight_smile:

@michaeljones161 Michael on Android if you activate screen rotation the application will also run. no need to create in landscape

in my Android if i select rotation Auto it doesnt rotate at all. if i put landscape when roatating to landscape the screen is not rescaled