Lag when screen load with 20 DVL

i made an app on google play (by kodular) and ranked top 80 in category “moto and car”
and a lot of people ask is my app is on the app store ?
so i decided to make the app on the app store, i have a few questions please help me

  1. i create app for ios (thunkable), but i test on android phone, is there any problem ?
  2. screen2 i have 20 DVL get data on google sheet, when screen2 start up too long - more than 60s - when i publish app on app store will screen load speed improve

Thanks a lot

Adding the response I posted in your second topic:

Why are you needing so many DVLs?

What device are you testing it on?

You’re welcome to send me the project link. Make sure to tell me the button name and screen name that causes the crash.

Also, you already created a topic for this issue. Please add details there instead.

Thank you, pls check inbox

Does it still crash if you disconnect these blocks?

If dont have these blocks, cant negative to another screen … in live test, when in airblade screen, i remove these block, and back to screen2, same probalem (live test crash and quit )

The blocks I disconnected are not programmed well. They have duplicate conditions which is a bad idea. That will be unpredictable.

But if you disconnect them and click the Back button and it still crashes, then something else is causing the crash. You’ll need to contact Thunkable Support for help, if you’re a Pro member.

i’ll try to re-design my UI, by 20 images, buttons or something else and test …
In the future, I will become a pro member, now I want to learn and improve my skills, my ultimate goal is for my app to run well on the app store.
Thank you for your help

i think something else is causing the crash, i remove all blocks, and test with 4 buttons negative to 4 screen, same problem …

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