Label does not change when the variable changes? (Solved)

Hi, I was trying to create an embedded browser test without the drag-and-drop interfrace, because I’m still not used to the drag-and-drop. I also find it easier without the drag-and-drop. This is how it looks like.

I have 2 main variables: homeURL and currURL.
The homeURL variable stores the URL you entered in the text input. This is used by the home button🏠, and the Buttongo (it goes to url in text input)

The currURL stores the current URL webpage you are on right now. This is if you went to a link in the homeURL. It is used by reload, label and home.

There’s also a label, LabelURL, and it stores the current URL if you went to a link. It’s used to show which URL you’re on right now, not the homeURL. But when I go to another webpage, it gets stuck on the homeURL, but there was never any connection between the homeURL and LabelURL in the blocks.
Take, for example, It redirects to the MS website. But look at this video here: What happened - YouTube. The label does not display the currURL. I have here some code:

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The MS website is I posted this because I can’t put more than 2 links.

That one website doesn’t convert from to but if I click around inside of, the url in the label does update. So I’m not sure if that’s helpful but mostly it looks like it’s working.

The url in the label does not update. It remains the homeURL, the URL I entered in the text input.
Or, I can say it shows the currURL but the label just does not update.

Can you share a link to the project? Because when I set it up, it did update the label/url.

You’re right, it doesn’t work in your project in a web browser. But it does work in Thunkable Live on a mobile device.

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Sorry for the late reply. Let me check for 1 moment.

I realized that it worked. Thanks for the reply.

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