Label Texts suddenly reset to initial values

Since a few days I suddenly face the following error (web, live test and mobile apps):

Label text changes are no longer persistent after navigation to other screens and coming back. The label receives the initial content again, as specified in the designer.

Simple example: Screen1: initial Text on Label1: “initial”. When click on Button1: Change Label-Text to “Changed”, navigate to Screen2. When click on Button2 in Screen2: Navigate back to Screen 1.

After that procedure, Label1 is surprisingly reset to “initial”. This is causing a lot of trouble in my apps. Any fellow sufferers?


Result in Screen 1 after the Test: Label1 is back on text “initial”.


Great illustration of the problem. Sounds a lot like Multiple issues since yesterday. Anyone else? - #13 by 83c4d26aa4d240

Have you reached out to the thunkable staff using the chatbot on the design page?

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No, not yet. Will try and link this conversation.

Yes, and came simultaneously with New version of Thunkable Live for iOS and Android: Is anyone else having sudden problems besides me?

Hey @migo! :wave:

We checked into this for you (seemed strange to us too) and it turns out that the behaviour you’re describing is actually the expected behaviour in the platform.

This was interesting too - so we tested on an old instance from December and it behaved the same way too.

Wondering if you might have (unintentionally) changed something in your project?

Aside from that - can you let me know what you’re trying to do and we’ll figure out a way to get ti working for you in your project.


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Hey @domhnallohanlon !

Thanks for your investigation on this case!

In the meantime I was in contact with @jane via the chatbot. She wrote me what you already mentioned here, that this is the expected behavior - except when the screens would be used in a navigator. That’s the case with my app: the calling screen with the labels is part of a Bottom_Tab_Navigator.

Then, yesterday, there was a surprise: suddenly the label values in my app were back to the desired (changed) state after the screen change. (Again, without a change in the app). I immediately wrote to Jane and asked her if she had done anything yet. She is still investigating this case.

This made me curious and I added a navigator to the test app for this case (see articles above) and documented the following results:

Scenario: labels are changed in screen 1, then Screen 2 is called, then back to screen 1:

  1. If both screens are outside the navigator: Labels are reset to initial values.

  2. If screen 1 is inside a navigator and screen 2 is outside (that’s how it is in my case): The label values in screen 1 are kept.

  3. If screen 2 is inside a navigator and screen 1 is outside: The labels are reset to the initial values.

  4. If both screens are inside the navigator: The label values in screen 1 are kept.

From my point of view, it would be correct if the values are actually kept in all cases. Maybe you guys can reconsider this. However, we have a working solution for current and future cases. The only worry: no one really knows why the behavior had changed for a few days in between. I cross all available fingers that this does not happen again :sweat_smile:!


my label is blank when i click it i cant see any text could u guys tell me how to solve this :pleading_face:

This is hardly to answer without more description, screenshots, blocks. Can you share more details?

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This doesn’t sound like exactly what you’re seeing, @faris, but for others who might find this topic later… I did have a problem with labels and other components not holding the new value. It turns out that you cannot have duplicate component names in a project.

I’m not sure why this is because every component has a unique ID number but it’s not possible to have two labels named “Title” or two buttons named “Back” etc. I submitted a feature request for this but for the time being, I’m just including an abbreviation of the screen name so if I have title label on a screen called Intro Page, I just name the label “Title ip”.