Keys In Objects For Cloud Variables Cannot Contain a ".", Even Multidimensional Object Keys

I’m having an issue where objects that used to neatly store as cloud objects now no longer store. I have to convert them from and to Json. And they don’t look nearly as pretty in the real time database. Is anyone else having this issue? Why the change?

Ouch. Can you give an example of what’s changed? I have a bunch of cloud variables I’m using in the app I’m working on, and it doesn’t seem like I’m seeing any differences today… would like to know what’s broken so I can avoid it, for sure!

Upon further testing it looks like it will accept objects, but it won’t accept “.” in any of the keys in a multidimensional object. I guess that isn’t a Thunkable bad, just something I didn’t realize, probably a Realtime database issue.

For example, this will not save as a cloud variable:

My objects weren’t updating, but in the third level object there was a period.

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