Cloud variables path in Firebase Real-time Database


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So, does anyone know if cloud variables can only be stored in the Firebase Real-time Database’s root or if they can also be stored in a specified path (i.e. /users/abc/cloudVariableName)





Hey Max

Thanks for your response. It appears that your approach does not use cloud variables as defined in the official documentation but rather create a key in the Real Time database which is not what I am referring to.

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It works great



Hey ACtech

Works but you can’t use it dynamically meaning, you can use it like “cloud 101/USERID/Age” where USERID can be anything. I mean… if something like “cloud 101/$USERID/Age” would work, that would be great. Any ideas?



You are right, it is impossible to do this dynamically using variables. But you can use InterBase JavaScript API.



you can try to create a object:



Interesting… so how did the “1BAT-D-Aniol Pa…” key name get created? Was it randomly created when creating the object? If so, is there a way to control what name it will have? Also, how would you go about creating sub-structures? If you can address the first question, I imagine it would be a matter of creating an object within an object etc.



This name was created from another variable (this screenshot is from a functional app I made)

Here is another example:

In Firebase:

Hope it helps!


This helped but now when I try to upload new values it overwrites the old ones too


I’m using this to store directly a list to the cluoud variable, should I use something like add at the end of a list when saving new objects in the main tag?