Keep row on bottom

So I am trying to keep a row on the bottom of my screen. I have a top row which includes some values and then a list in the middle, and I want a row with some further values to be visible on the bottom of the screen. I have the middle list set to fill container but the bottom row still shows up right beneath the list leaving my phone screen with a big blank space. Do you guys have any ideas? I haven’t used a bottom navigator as some of the buttons will be to leave the app

hi @huntermclarkn,
it happened to me too time ago… i never had the lucky to understand why but i solved this way:

  1. select the screen
  2. go to advanced
  3. select sizing
  4. on HeightProperties put 100%

hope it will works for you too!!

Unfortunately, I need the screen to be scrollable, and setting the height property as such does not allow for that

Hi. Did you come up with any solution for this? I am at the same situation here…

I did my self, when change my column which contains all the rows with content to FillContent for width, the layout fall to place. I had it to 80% before and then everything got centered (vertical) and also the very bottom row got to right beneath the list, no matter how big/small the list was.