Justify text in a label - Justificar texto em um label

Please, how to justify a text in a label?
Thank you!
PS: I’ve tried everything, but I believe my inexperience has not allowed it to succeed.

Por favor, como justificar um texto em um rótulo?
PS: Eu já tentei de tudo, mas acredito que minha inexperiência não permitiu que tivesse sucesso.

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A label is centered along its own center point, as a function of how long it needs to be. If you want to justify it, you have to house it in an column or row layout component, which will that the horizontal alignement you desire.

It is one of those things that do not depend on the object itself, but on the object’s parent.


To Justify text in a label, you need to highlight the label in the design view window (not blocks view) and look on the right side of the screen where you can set the properties.

Look for “Text Align” where you can choose from left/right, center, justify or auto.