Java lang out of memory error help needed



i have these errors for one of published app in google play console crashes & ANRS. 1st one is under crashes here is the error.!

  • Are you using too many screens?
  • Are you using high resolution pictures?


Friend this must be case of using too many pictures with high resolution which also have large size so i prefer you to use compressed version of these pictures to avoid such crash. You can use pic resize or any other service as you like. Good Luck!


It’s possible you have too many High-Res Images, Too Many Images, or Too Many Screens, I don’t know if this could be one but, make a backup before you do this… It could also be because, of too many components.


Yusufcihan’ nathan and amit thank u 4r ur reply. Yes I use 29 virtical arrangements for each display on only one screen. PICS resolution is 200 for each. Is the problem only with pics so I can reduce it and republish app. Do input dispachin error under ANTs is due to same issue…


see tip 2



Thank you @AMIT_Raj @Nathan @yusufcihan and @Taifun yes I used correctly the switching between all layouts. I use button to display image and on click play sound on each arrangement. Next and previous buttons for moving to other layouts.I got the answer for error no.1 which is about java Lang out of memory but can u guide me about 2nd error mentioned above which is about input dispatching timeout.(waiting bcuz no window has focus but there is a focused application that may eventually add a window when it finishes starting up).


see your other thread